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A festival for practicing film directors to shoot 1 minute film on mobile devices. I find this film particularly interesting, it a love story of two people in a lift.

Here is a documentary about the mobile film festival on BBC .


Designed to accompany Semi-Permanent, a leading art and design conference, the Semi-Precious app let’s you store your ideas the moment they are spawned. During the 2-day event, all conference attendees are encouraged to keep track of their (Semi-)Precious ideas sparked by the many sharing sessions by leaders of the influential creative community. Structure your idea in a multi-level, multi-node display for future use, or share it to the Semi-Permanent ideas database to show everyone what inspired you during the event. Here is how it works.

Semi-Precious app

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A game to educate consumers of the HTC phone and android applications branded under CSL. The solution, Dream Factory, an AR game where you have to drag and drop apps using your literally using your head.
The game is now host on  Sina Game .

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