Peta Asia \ Fur Hurts

CLIENT: Peta Asia   AGENCY: Ogilvy

If your fur came from China, chances are it was torn out from a live animal. Wearing a fur coat is being a willing participant in inhumane torture. Help end the suffering of millions of rabbits, foxes and minks by by giving up fur. Although there has been extensive showing of the video depicting the cruelty against fur animals, the graphic nature of the material has been turning people away instead of attracting their attention. The challenge is to find a way to express a horrible truth and still be able to communicate the nature of its cruelty to the heart of the viewers.

Imagine being skinned alive. We then try to visualize that pain by using a half million needles sticking into fur animal sculptures of different species. We want to draw the viewers with the beauty of the animal sculptures and then surprise them when they discover the animals are covered with needles instead of fur.

fur hurts

As part of the Fur hurts campaign. I have created a website to get people to sign the petition to pledge against fur. With each signature collected, a needle will be removed and a strand of hair will grow in its place. Participants will also be asked to share online via social media. Check out the website

fur hurts

fur hurts

fur hurts

fur hurts

fur hurts

So far, this piece of work has been mentioned in places like Campaign Briefs and Ads of the world. As a result, this piece of work has pick up a Silver and a bronze Cannes Design Lion,

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